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Sunday 26th March 10.30am: Morning Service including Communion led by Terry, followed by refreshments.
Coming Soon:
Monday 3rd April - 7.00pm - 'Seven last words' at the Catholic Church
Thursday 6th April - 7.00pm - Passover Meal in the back room - invite your friends.
Friday 7th April - 9.45am - United Churches 'Walk of Witness' followed by Good Friday meditation.

The Church is also meeting from time to time in the virtual space 

provided by ZOOM. For further information please contact Terry or Elizabeth

We also have a series of REFLECTIONS for thoughts and prayer - please see menu.

Please watch this space for further information.

If you would like to speak to anyone - see our Contact Page.


Please note our church has an induction loop for the hard of hearing


We are also wheelchair accessible and we have wheelchairs available.

To find us please go to our CONTACT page.

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