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************ Coronavirus Update ************

As things continue to be relaxed following the pandemic we are aiming
to restart Sunday Morning Services in the church on 14th August.
so please make that date in your diary.
We will then be aiming to STREAM or Youtube the service for those
who are unable to attend. More details will be shown below.
Other weekly events will be restarted later in the this space!

Sunday 14th August 10.30am - Morning Worship led by Terry
This will be available on the youtube link later on

6.00pm - United Carnival Service with Salvation Army Band on Moot Green

To view previous weeks services - you can follow this link:


The Church is also meeting from time to time in the virtual space 

provided by ZOOM. For further information please contact Terry or Elizabeth

We also had a series of REFLECTIONS for thoughts and prayer - please see menu.

Please watch this space for further information as things progress.

If you would like to speak to anyone - see our Contact Page.


Please note our church has an induction loop for the hard of hearing


We are also wheelchair accessible and we have wheelchairs available.

To find us please go to our CONTACT page.

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