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Lent Reflections

Lent Reflections

Introduction to the Reflections


Try to find a quiet place and then take a few moments to be still. Reflect on the Bible verses: you might like to look up alternative translations. Then read and digest the Reflections very slowly. They are written as if Jesus is speaking specifically to you. So where you see ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘My’, ‘Mine’ that is always referring to Jesus. Where ‘you’ is written, that is referring to you personally.

Always have in mind that Jesus is Immanuel – God with us – so it is to be expected that He will talk with you at any time. My prayer is that you will be increasingly aware of His Presence with you during Lent, and listening out for what He wants to say to you.


Lent Reflections 33 – Good Friday 15th April 2022

“Be still and understand that I am GOD; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be supreme over the world.” (Psalm 46:10)

“The LORD bless you and keep you (protect you, sustain you, guard you); the LORD make his face shine upon you (with favour) and be gracious to you (surrounding you with loving-kindness); the LORD lift up his face upon you with divine approval, and give you a tranquil heart. (Numbers 6:24-26 Amplified)

When we were his enemies we were brought back to GOD by the death of his Son. What blessings he must have for us now that we are his friends, and he is living within us! We rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with GOD - all because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done in dying for our sins – making us friends of GOD. (Romans 5:10-11)

“I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart! And the peace I give you isn’t fragile like the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27)

“Take time to be still in My Presence.

“The more hassled you feel, the more you need this time of stillness with Me.

“Breathe slowly and deeply and know that I am surrounding you with My Loving-kindness.

“It is disappointing when My Children tie themselves up in anxious knots and do not receive My Gift of Peace.

“I died a criminal’s death to secure this blessing for you. Hide it in your heart.

“My Peace is an inner treasure which develops within you as you trust in Me.

“So, make a conscious effort to be still and enjoy Peace in My Presence.”

Lent Reflections 32
– Thursday 14th April 2022

You can never please GOD without faith; without depending on him. Anyone who wants to come to GOD must believe that he exists, and that he rewards those who sincerely look for him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Endurance brings GOD’s approval, and his approval creates hope. This hope does not disappoint us because GOD has poured out his love into our hearts by means of the Holy Spirit, who is GOD’s gift to us. (Romans 5:4-5)

There is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of GOD which is ours through Christ Jesus our LORD. (Romans 8:39)

The time is coming, and is already here, when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in reality. These are the worshippers the Father wants to worship him. GOD is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and in reality. (John 4:23-24)

“Do not try to see yourself through other people’s eyes.

“Firstly, it is more or less impossible to discern what other people really think of you.

“Secondly, their views of you will vary depending on what has just been happening.

“And thirdly, this really borders on idolatry. You become more concerned to please other people than you are to please Me. I should be Number One in your life.

“See yourself through My Eyes.

“My Eyes see you as one who is deeply and eternally loved.

“Relax in My Loving Gaze and you will be able to experience My Deep Peace.

“Respond to My Loving Presence by worshipping Me in spirit and with a genuine heart.”

Lent Reflections 31
– Wednesday 13th April 2022

I will refresh those who are weary and will satisfy with food everyone who is weak from hunger. So then people will say, “I went to sleep and woke up refreshed”.

(Jeremiah 31:25-26)

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. (Isaiah 40:29)

In everything you do, stay away from complaining or arguing, so that no-one can speak a word of blame against you. You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark world full of people who are crooked and stubborn. You must shine amongst them like stars lighting up the sky. (Philippians 2:14-15)

He set my feet on a rock and made me secure. He taught me to sing a new song, a song of praise to our GOD. Many will hear the glorious things he did for me, and stand in awe before the LORD, and put their trust in him. (Psalm 40:2-3)

“You have been on a long uphill journey and you are feeling weary.

“It is good that you have stayed close to Me, but your tendency to complain is not good.

“I am very happy for you to talk to Me about the difficulty of the path you are following.

I understand better than anyone else the stresses and strains that have afflicted you.

“It is good to share your thoughts with Me because that will moderate them, and help you to see things from My Perspective.

“However, complaining to other people is not good. It opens the door to self pity, anger and resentment.

“Whenever you are tempted to grumble, come to Me and talk about it. As you open up to Me, I will put My Thoughts in your mind and My Song in your heart. I want you to be a shining light in this dark world.”

Lent Reflections 30
– Tuesday 12th April 2022

You are a forgiving GOD, gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and abounding in love. You did not forsake your people. (Nehemiah 9:17)

The LORD has sent me . . . . to proclaim release for the captives and freedom for those in prison. (Isaiah 61:1)

“If a person hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. I did not come to judge the world, but to save it.” (John 12:47)

GOD’s mercy is so abundant, and his love for us is so great, that while we were spiritually dead in our disobedience he brought us to life with Christ. (Ephesians 2:4)

Judgement without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgement. (James 2:13)

“I have come to bring you forgiveness and freedom.

“The forgiveness cancels out your past guilt. The freedom gives you a future full of hope.

“I want to set you free from regrets, resentment, envy, worry and addictions: all the things that keep you in an emotional prison.

“You’ve been set free! You need no longer be a slave to these things.

“Anger comes from fear or from frustration. I’ve set you free from that too.

“I did not come to judge people, and I don’t want you to be judgemental either.

“I came to show you mercy, and I want you to show the world what I am like.”

Lent Reflections 29
– Monday 11th April 2022

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling. (Exodus 15:13)

I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love; I lifted the yoke from their neck and bent down to feed them. (Hosea 11:4)

You led your people like a Shepherd. (Psalm 77:20)

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever. (Hebrews 13:8)

“I love you with an everlasting love. I want you to reflect on My Constancy.

“Your emotions usually vary with your circumstances, but I am not like that. My Love is constant and unfailing.

“You must look beyond the pressures and confusions of your everyday life and recognise that My Presence will never leave you.

“This awareness of My Presence will strengthen you as you receive My Love.

“I do not change. I am the same today as I was yesterday and will be for ever.

“Let My Love flow into you continually.

“Your need for Me is as constant as the outflow of My Love for you.” 

Lent Reflections 28
– Friday 8th April 2022

Love forgives and forgets offences. Remembering wrongs can break up a friendship.

(Proverbs 17: 9)

A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults. When someone wrongs you it is a great virtue to ignore it. (Proverbs 19:11)

Be patient with each other, attentive to individual needs. And be careful when you get on each other’s nerves that you don’t snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out. (1 Thessalonians 5:14-15 Msg)

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail. (1 Corinthians 13: 4, 5, 7)

Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. (Proverbs 3:27)

“The more you experience My Love and Mercy the more you will show it to others.

“I want you to treat others with the Love and Mercy which I have shown to you.

“Love is the antidote to anger; and it demonstrates your maturity when you can overlook an offence.

“Let go of past hurts: love keeps no record of wrongs. If someone has upset you with some word or action - forgive and forget. Don’t repeat it: delete it!

“Give to people who need help, do not ask, “Do they deserve it?”

“Be kind, because I have been kind to you. Being kind will make you happy, it will make you attractive, and it will make other people want to be kind to you.”

Lent Reflections 27
– Thursday 7th April 2022

Even though the fig trees have no fruit, and no grapes grow on the vines,

even though the olive-crop fails, and the fields produce no corn,

even though the sheep all die, and the cattle-stalls are empty,

I will still be joyful and glad, because the LORD GOD is my Saviour.

The LORD gives me strength. He makes me sure-footed as a deer, and keeps me safe

on the mountains. (Habakkuk 3:17-20)

Glory and majesty surround the LORD, power and joy fill his Temple. (1Chronicles 16: 27)

The humble will rejoice in the LORD; the needy will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.

(Isaiah 29:19)

This day is sacred to our LORD. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

“Remember that your joy is not dependent on your circumstances.

“Some people whose circumstances seem ideal are amongst the most miserable people in the world!

“People who reach the top of the ladder in their careers or social life are disappointed to find that there is only emptiness there.

“True joy is a by-product of living in My Presence. Therefore you can experience it in Palaces or Prisons, in Hotels or Hovels, in Skyscrapers or in Slums.

“A day with difficulties need not be a day devoid of joy.

“Make problem solving secondary to the goal of living close to Me, and you will find joy even in your most difficult days.”

Lent Reflections 26
– Wednesday 6th April 2022

Come and save me LORD; rescue me because of your unfailing love. (Psalm 6:4)

I rely on your constant love; I will be glad because you will rescue me. (Psalm 13:5)

Always give thanks for everything to our GOD and Father in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 5:20)

Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the LORD Jesus, giving thanks to GOD the Father through him. (Colossians 3:17)

Even lions grow hungry through lack of food, but those who obey the LORD lack nothing good. (Psalm 34:10)

“When things seem to be going wrong – trust Me.

“When you feel that life seems to be getting out of control – thank Me.

“These are not natural responses: they are supernatural. And they lift you above your circumstances.

“If you allow your mind to be filled with more and more complaints you are on a downward spiral which will lead only to darkness and despair.

“Instead, affirm your trust in Me, regardless of how you feel.

“In every situation give Me thanks, even if this seems unnatural or even irrational.

“If you choose this way of responding to your circumstances – trusting Me and thanking Me – you will experience My deep Peace.”

Lent Reflections 25
– Tuesday 5th April 2022

The Sovereign LORD has taught me what to say, so that I can strengthen the weary. Every morning he makes me eager to hear what he is going to teach me. (Isaiah 50:4)

Why spend money on what does not satisfy? Why spend your wages and still be hungry? Listen to me and do what I say and you will enjoy the best food of all. Listen now, my people, and come to me; come to me and you will have life! I am ready to make an everlasting covenant with you, to give you the unfailing blessings that I had for King David. (Isaiah 55:2-3)

When Jesus had tasted the sour wine, he said, “It is finished”. With that he bowed his head and gave up his life. (John 19: 30)

Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last. And look! The curtain secluding the Holiest Place in the Temple was split apart from the top to the bottom. (Matthew 27:50-51)

“Come to Me and listen! Tune in to My Voice and receive My Richest Blessings.

“Be amazed that you are having a conversation with the Creator of the universe.

“Kings who reign on earth tend to make themselves inaccessible; but I am totally accessible to you.

“I am King of the Universe, but I am with you wherever you are. Nothing can separate you from My Presence.

“When I cried out from the cross, “It is finished!” the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom, opening the way for you to come directly into My Presence.

“You don’t need protocol or priests: I, the King of kings, am your constant companion.”

Lent Reflections 24
– Monday 4th April 2022

Always be joyful in your life in the LORD. I say it again, rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

I know what it is to be in need, and what it is to have more than enough. I have learned this secret, so that anywhere, at any time, I am content, whether I am full or hungry, whether I have too much or too little. (Philippians 4:12)

O LORD, you live for ever . . . . you remain the same and your years will never end.

(Psalm 102:27)

You love Jesus Christ, even though you have not seen him. You believe in him, although you do not see him now. And so you rejoice with a great and glorious joy, which words cannot express. (1 Peter 1: 8)

“I want you to live a life of joy. Rejoice in Me always.

“This is the secret of being content in all your circumstances.

“So many people dream about the time when they will finally be happy – when they are out of debt – when their children are grown up – when they can have more leisure time – when relationships are easier… But this is fantasy: it is unreality. They are wasting their precious lives.

“Even though I am invisible to you, I am far more real than the world you see around you.

“My Reality is eternal and unchanging.

“Bring your moments to Me and I will fill them with vibrant joy.

“Now is the time to rejoice in My Presence.”

Lent Reflections 23
– Friday 1st April 2022

Trust in the LORD GOD always, for in the LORD is your everlasting strength. (Isaiah 26:4)

All those who know you, LORD, will trust you; you do not abandon anyone who comes to you. (Psalm 9:10)

Show me your ways O LORD, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are GOD my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long. (Psalm 25:4-5)

Trust in the LORD with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the LORD in everything you do, and he will show you the right way. (Proverbs 3: 5-6)

“Walk with Me along paths of trust.

“The best way between points A and B on your life-journey is the path of complete trust in Me.

“When you are unsure of the next step, just say, “I trust you, Jesus”, and I will teach you and guide you on the right track.

“If you go off on the wrong track, anxious thoughts will fill your mind.

“To avoid this, you need to express your trust in Me frequently.

“This simple act of faith will keep you walking on the right path.

“Trust in Me with all your heart and I will show you the right way.”

Lent Reflections 22
– Thursday 31st March 2022

Give yourselves humbly to GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)

The truth is that no condemnation now hangs over the heads of those who are in Christ Jesus. For the power of the life-giving Spirit (and this power is mine through Christ Jesus) has set me free from the old vicious circle of sin and death. (Romans 8:1-2)

A righteous person will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. (Psalm 112:2)

See, GOD has come to save me! I will trust and not be afraid, for the LORD is my strength and song; he is my saviour. (Isaiah 12:2)

“Trust Me and don’t be afraid.

“I want you to view trials as exercises to develop your trust-muscles.

“You live right in the middle of a spiritual battle, and fear is one of the devil’s weapons.

“When you start to feel afraid I want you to affirm your trust in Me.

“Resist the devil in My Name and he will shrink away from you.

“Speak or sing praises to Me and you will be refreshed in My Presence.

“Remember that there is no condemnation for those who belong to Me. You have been judged “Not Guilty” for all eternity.

“Trust Me and don’t be afraid: I am your Strength, your Song and your Salvation.”

Lent Reflections 21
– Wednesday 30th March 2022

Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal. (Proverbs 12:18)

Dear brothers, don’t ever forget that it is best to listen much, speak little, and not become angry. (James 1:19)

Do not use harmful words when you are talking. Use only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you.

(Ephesians 4:29)

A soft answer turns away anger, but harsh words cause quarrels. (Proverbs 15:1)

“Words have great power to bless or to wound. So be careful how you speak.

“”You damage others as well as yourself if you speak carelessly or negatively.

“The ability to speak is given only to those I created in My own image – so it is an awesome privilege. I want to help you to use this mighty power responsibly.

“Ask My Spirit to help you whenever you have to speak.

“When you are in conversation with someone, these are split-second prayers, but they keep you in touch with My Presence.

“In this way, your speaking comes under the control of My Spirit.

“You will find that positive speech patterns replace negative ones. Your joy will increase and this will be a real encouragement to you.”

Lent Reflections 20
– Tuesday 29th March 2022

“My own sheep listen to My Voice, I know them, and they follow Me.” (John 10:27)

We know that in all things GOD works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

“You will call to Me. You will come and pray to Me, and I will answer you. You will seek Me, and you will find Me because you seek Me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29:12-13)

“When you hear the birds calling to one another, do you also hear My Love-call to you?

“I am communicating with you all the time – through sights and sounds, through your thoughts and impressions, and through scriptures.

“There is no limit to the variety of ways I can communicate with you.

“Your part is to be attentive to My Messages, in whatever form they come.

“When you set out to find Me in your day, you discover that the world is alive and vibrant with My Presence.

“You can find Me not only in beauty and birdsong, but also in tragedy and faces full of grief.

“I can take the deepest sorrow and weave it into a pattern for good.

“Look out for My Messages to you as you go through each day.

“You will find Me when you seek Me with your whole being.”

Lent Reflections 19
– Monday 28th March 2022

You used to be in darkness, but since you have become the LORD’s people you are in the light. So you must live like people who belong to the light. It is the light that brings a rich harvest of every kind of goodness, righteousness and truth. Try to learn what pleases the LORD. (Ephesians 5: 8-10)

“Don’t ever let anyone call you ‘Rabbi’ or ‘Master’ because you are all brothers of one another and have only one Master.” (Matthew 23: 8)

“Be careful not to parade your good deeds conspicuously before people to attract their attention or you will miss the reward of your Heavenly Father.” (Matthew 6:1)

You are looking only at the surface of things. (2 Corinthians 10: 6)

“You can have only one Master. You will find freedom and satisfaction through pleasing Me above all others.

“If you let the expectations of other people be your main motivation you will lose your focus.

“When your goal is to look good before others, your energy is wasted, and you are missing the point of life.

“I am your Master, and I will not drive you to try to be something that you are not.

“I do not like pretence, and I want you to reject it too.

“The way to be authentic is to stay close to Me. Focus on My Presence in every situation.”

Lent Reflections 17
– Thursday 24th March 2022

Find out for yourself how good the LORD is.

Happy are those who find safety with him. (Psalm 34:8)

Now that you realise how kind the LORD has been to you, put away all evil, deception, envy and fraud. Long to grow up into the fullness of your salvation. (1Peter 2: 2-3)

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55: 8-9)

The LORD is good and his love endures for ever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. (Psalm 100: 5)

“Here is an invitation to find out for yourself that I am good: experience My Living Presence.

“There is also a promise. The more you experience Me, the more you become confident of My Goodness.

“This is something you need to grasp in your life as a disciple.

“When adversity strikes, the natural human instinct is to doubt My Goodness.

“But My Ways and My Thoughts are so much higher than yours that you are not able to understand them.

“Don’t waste your time trying to fathom My Decisions. Instead spend your time enjoying Me and experiencing My Goodness.”

Lent Reflections 16
– Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.

(Proverbs 17:22)

(A wife of noble character) is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. (Proverbs 31:25)

“A virgin will become pregnant and have a son, and he will be called Immanuel” (which means, “GOD is with us”). (Matthew 1:23)

“Are you having a real struggle? Come to me – I’ll give you a rest! Pick up my yoke and put it on; take lessons from me! My heart is gentle, not arrogant. You will find the rest you deeply need. My yoke is easy to wear; my load is easy to bear.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

“Don’t take yourself too seriously: learn to laugh at yourself more often.

“You can relax and know that I am GOD with you.

“Life becomes less threatening when you desire My Will above all other things.

“Laughter lightens your load and lifts your heart.

“Just as parents delight in the laughter of their children, so I delight in your joy.

“I rejoice when you trust Me enough to find joy in life.

“Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders: let Me bear the load.”

Lent Reflections 15
– Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Above everything else be sure that you have a real deep love for each other, remembering how love can cover a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to each other without secretly wishing you hadn’t got to be! Serve one another with the particular gifts GOD has given each of you. (1 Peter 4:8-9)

See how very much our heavenly Father loves us that we are called children of GOD! And that is what we really are! (1 John 3:1)

There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. So then, love has not been made perfect in the one who fears, because fear has to do with punishment. (1 John 4:18)

Here is what I have against you: you do not love me now as you did at first. Think about those times of your first love and turn back to me again and do what you did at first. (Revelation 2:4)

“Make it your aim to live in My Love.

“Remember that love covers a multitude of sins – both yours and others’.

“Imagine wearing My Love like a cloak which covers you from head to foot. This will protect you from fear because perfect love repels all fear.

“Look at other people from My Perspective: see them through lenses of love.

“I want My Children to radiate My Love and My Light, and it grieves Me when that Love-light grows dim.

“If your Love-light has grown dim, then turn back to Me and ask Me to fill you afresh with My perfect Love.”

Lent Reflections 14
– Monday 21st March 2022

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. (Psalm 105:4)

The heavens are telling the glory of GOD.

The skies are a marvellous display of his craftsmanship.

Day and night they keep telling us about GOD. (Psalm 19:1-2)

Look, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples;

But the LORD rises upon you, and his glory appears over you.

As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man. (Proverbs 27:19)

We Christians have no veil over our faces; we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the LORD. And as the Spirit of the LORD works within us, we become more and more like him. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

“Seek My Face and you will find the fulfilment you are looking for.

“My world is full of beautiful things. They point to Me, and remind you of My abiding Presence.

“The earth still declares My Glory to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

“Before you sought Me with your whole heart you had a darkened mind. But now that I have poured My Light into you, you can be a beacon to guide others.

“This is not something for you to be proud about!

“Your responsibility is to reflect My Glory. I am the LORD

Lent Reflections 13
– Friday 18th March 2022

We know that the whole creation has been groaning together as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time. (Romans 8:22)

You shall have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3)

Be delighted with the LORD. Then he will give you all your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him to help you to do it and he will. (Psalm 37:4-5)

Will he find delight in the Almighty? Will he call upon GOD at all times? (Job 27:10)

“You live in a fallen world – a world tainted by sin. This is earth, not heaven!

“If you seek perfection in this life you will find only failure and frustration.

“There is nothing perfect in this world except Me.

“That is why closeness to Me satisfies deep yearnings and brings you joy.

“Longing for perfection is something I have planted in every human heart. This is a good desire which I alone can fulfil.

“If you make other people, or pleasure, or achievements your god you will not be satisfied.

“Have no other gods before Me. Make Me the deepest desire of your heart and I will satisfy you.”

Lent Reflections 12
– Thursday 17th March 2022

“Be still and understand that I am GOD. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

He calmed the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. (Psalm 107:29)

“How terrible it will be for you, teachers of the Law and Pharisees! Hypocrites! You lock the door to the Kingdom of Heaven in men’s faces, but you yourselves will not go in, and neither will you let people in who are trying to go in!” (Matthew 23:13)

My dear friends, we are now GOD’s children, but what we are to be in the future has not yet been revealed; all we know is that when it is revealed we shall be like him because we shall see him as he really is. (1 John 3:2)

“I want you to relax in My healing holy Presence.

“I want to calm the storms in your life. Be still while I transform your mind and your heart.

“Let go of your cares and worries so that you can know My Peace.

“Do not become like the Pharisees who multiplied regulations to make their own form of godliness.

“I want to set you free, so that your focus is on Me and not on your performance.

“It is as you get to know Me intimately that you become increasingly like Me.

“This requires spending time alone with Me. Let go, relax, be still and grow in your understanding of Me.” 

Lent Reflections 11
– Wednesday 16th March 2022

May the LORD himself, who is our source of peace, give you his peace no matter what happens. The LORD be with all of you. (2 Thessalonians 3:16).

“Be silent, all mankind, before the LORD, for he has come to earth from heaven, from his holy home.” (Zechariah 2:13).

“Quit quarrelling with GOD! Stop treating him like an enemy and you will have peace at last. His favour will surround you if you will only admit that you were wrong.” (Job 22:21).

Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when evil men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. (Psalm 37:7).

“The peace that I want to give you is beyond the grasp of human reason.

“If all of your mental energy is devoted to trying to figure things out for yourself, you will not be able to receive this lovely gift.

“I can look into your mind and see your thoughts buzzing round and round going nowhere, and achieving nothing but frustration.

“All the while My Peace is available, waiting for a place to land.

“Be still in My Presence. Invite Me to control your thoughts.

“Let My Light soak into your heart and mind until you are aglow with My Presence.

“This is the most effective way to receive My Peace.”

Lent Reflections 10
– Tuesday 15th March 2022

Help me to understand your laws, and I will meditate on your wonderful teachings.


What you have done will be praised from one generation to the next; they will proclaim your mighty acts. They will speak of your glory and majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds. (Psalm 145:4-5).

The LORD keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are fully committed to him. (2 Chronicles 16:9).

With Jesus’ help we will continually offer our sacrifice of praise to GOD, which is the offering presented by lips that confess him as LORD. (Hebrews 13:15).

“Time with Me cannot be rushed.

“When you are in a hurry, your mind jumps back and forth between Me and the tasks that are ahead of you.

“Create a quiet haven in which you can rest with Me, and reflect on what I have done and what I am teaching you.

“I also want this time of attention, and I will use it to bless you, to strengthen you and to equip you for the tasks ahead.

“Spending time with Me is not a chore: it’s a wise investment.

“Acknowledge that I am LORD of all of your life.

“Bring Me the sacrifice of your precious time.”

Lent Reflections 9
– Monday 14th March 2022

We never become discouraged. Even though our physical bodies are gradually decaying, yet our inner strength in the LORD is growing every day. These troubles and sufferings of ours are, after all, quite small and won’t last very long. Yet this short time of distress will result in God’s richest blessing upon us for ever and ever. So we do not fix our attention on what we can see right now, the troubles all around us, but we look forward to the joys in heaven which we have not yet seen. What can be seen lasts only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts for ever. (2 Corinthians 4: 16-18).

We have to live by trusting the LORD without seeing him. (2 Corinthians 5: 7).

Now faith means that we have full confidence in the things we hope for, it means being certain of things we cannot see. (Hebrews 11:1).

How blessed are the people who worship you with songs, who walk in the light of Your Presence, O LORD. (Psalm 89:15).

“Welcome problems because they can challenge you to get things into perspective.

“Sometimes My Children go sleepwalking through life until they bump into an obstacle that makes them ask serious questions.

“When you come across a problem with no easy solution, what is your response?

“You can resent the difficulty, lash out at it and feel sorry for yourself. Or you can treat it as a ladder enabling you to climb up and see things from My Perspective.

“Viewed from above, you see the obstacle as only small and momentary.

“You also see the light of My Presence shining on you; you grow in confidence and respond in worship.”

Lent Reflections 8
– Friday 11th March 2022

Keep your eyes on Jesus, our leader and instructor. He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy he knew would be his afterwards; and now he sits in the place of honour by the throne of GOD. (Hebrews 12:2).

My eyes are always looking to the LORD for help, for he alone can rescue me. (Psalm 25:15).

O my GOD ... you remain the same. You are forever, and your years never end.

(Psalm 102:27).

This is how we shall know that we are children of the truth and can reassure ourselves in the sight of GOD, even if our own conscience makes us feel guilty. GOD is greater than our conscience, and he knows everything. (1 John 3:19-20).

“Make Me your focal point as you move through each day.

“A spinning ballerina must keep returning her eyes to a given point to maintain her balance. In the same way you must keep returning your focus to Me.

“The world is whirling around you and so many things seem to be in chaos and confusion.

The only way to keep your balance is to keep your eyes fixed on Me.

“I am the One who never changes.

“If you spend all your time looking at your circumstances you will become confused and unbalanced.

“Look to Me – reorientate yourself in My Presence, and your steps will be steady.”

Lent Reflections 7
– Thursday 10th March 2022

The LORD said … “I have loved you, O my people, with an everlasting love; with loving-kindness I have drawn you to me.” (Jeremiah 31:3).

Let me tell you how happy GOD has made me! He has clothed me with garments of salvation and draped about me the robe of righteousness. I am like a bridegroom in his wedding suit or a bride with her jewels. (Isaiah 61:10).

Let your face shine on your servant; save me in your unfailing love. (Psalm 31:16).

They must thank the LORD for his unfailing love, for the wonderful things he did for them.

(Psalm 107:8).

“I love you regardless of how well you are performing. Never wonder if you are doing enough to deserve My Love. You could never earn My Love by your efforts.

“I love you with an everlasting love – a love with origins in eternity. It has no conditions or limits.

“You are dressed in My Robe of righteousness. That too is an eternal transaction. Nothing and no-one can take it from you.

“What you achieve, or don’t achieve, has no bearing on how I view you, or any Christian.

“So do not be anxious about your performance!

“What I want you to do is to rejoice and be thankful, even when things are not easy.”


Lent Reflections 6 – Wednesday 9th March 2022

My eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge – do not give me over to death. (Psalm 141:8).

This is what the LORD says – your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your GOD, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”(Isaiah 48: 17).

You will show me the path that leads to life; your Presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure for ever. (Psalm 16:11).

Search me O GOD, and know my heart; test my thoughts. Point out anything that you find in me that makes you sad and lead me along the path of everlasting life. (Psalm 139:23-24)

“Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Then I will be able to give you strength as well as direction.

“I will never ask you to do something without equipping you for the task.

“This is why you should not undertake jobs and responsibilities without seeking My Will. If you do operate without Me you might suffer from burn-out.

“To know My Will you will need to spend time in My Presence.


“When you are close to me I can prompt you and let you know if anything is going wrong along the way.

“This is not a burdensome chore: it is a joyful pleasure – for both of us!

Lent Reflections 5
– Tuesday 8th March 2022

(Context: This is about the LORD providing food for the Israelites in the wilderness.) When the dew evaporated there was something thin and flaky on the ground.... It was as delicate as frost. When the Israelites saw it, they did not know what it was and asked each other, “What is it?” (‘Manna’) Moses said to them, “This is the food the LORD has given you to eat. The LORD has commanded that each of you is to gather as much of it as he needs, two litres for each member of his household.… Each gathered just what he needed each day. (Exodus 16: 14-16, 18).

Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything: tell GOD your needs and don’t forget to thank him for his answers. If you do this you will experience GOD’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust Christ Jesus…. And it is GOD who will supply all your needs from his abundant wealth. (Philippians 4: 6-7; 19)

So let us come boldly to the very throne of GOD and stay there to receive his mercy and to find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:16).

“Peace is My daily gift to you. It flows freely from My throne of grace.

“Just as the Israelites had to gather their manna day by day, so it is with My Peace. You must come to Me daily with your prayers and your thanks to receive My Peace.

“Having to collect their manna daily kept the Israelites aware of their dependence on Me. In the same way I want you to be consciously dependent on Me each day. I have designed and created you to be like that.

“My abundant resources are always available to meet your every need.

“So come with confidence to My throne of grace to receive whatever you need today.” 

Lent Reflections 4
– Monday 7th March 2022

Happy is the person who honours the LORD, who takes pleasure in obeying his commands. He is not afraid of receiving bad news; his faith is strong, and he trusts in the LORD. He is not worried or afraid. (Psalm 112: 1, 7-8).

Be unceasing and persistent in prayer. (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Do not be afraid – I am with you! I am your GOD – let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you with My victorious right hand.

(Isaiah 41:10).

With all this in mind, what are we to say? If GOD is on our side, who can ever be against us? (Romans 8:31).

“I am training you in steadiness.

“There are too many things which interrupt your awareness of Me.

“You live in a world of sight and sound, but you must not become a slave to those stimuli.

“Awareness of Me can continue in all situations, no matter what is happening around you.

“Don’t let unexpected events throw you off course. As soon as something grabs your attention, talk with Me about it. In this way I share in your joys and your problems.


“This is how I live in you and work through you. This is the way of Peace.”

Lent Reflections 3 – Friday 4th March 2022

O LORD, I will always sing of your constant love; I will proclaim your faithfulness for ever. The heavens sing of the wonderful things you do. O LORD GOD Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds you. (Psalm 89:1, 5, 8).

Holy, holy, holy! The LORD Almighty is holy! His glory fills the world. (Isaiah 6:3).

Give thanks to the LORD because he is good; his love is eternal. Give thanks to the GOD of heaven; his love endures for ever. (Psalm 136:1, 26).

Our life is a matter of faith, not of sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Be joyful always, pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances. This is what GOD wants from you in your life in union with Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

“I am calling you to a life of thankfulness. Let thanksgiving be a regular part of your daily life.

“The basis for your gratitude is My sovereignty. I am the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Heaven and earth are filled with the majesty of My Presence.

“”If you are full of complaints, you seem to imply that you could run the world better than I do! Do you think that I am mismanaging things? But you don’t see what I see – you don’t know what I know.

“In love I shield you from knowing the future, or seeing into the world of evil spirits.

“I have designed you to live by faith and not by sight.

“I want you to acknowledge My Sovereignty by giving thanks in all circumstances – not for all circumstances, but in all circumstances.

Lent Reflections 2
– Thursday 3rd March 2022


GOD has come to save me! I will trust and not be afraid, for the LORD is my strength and my song; He is my salvation. (Isaiah 12:2).

Wherever I am, even far away at the ends of the earth, I will cry to you for help. When my heart is faint and overwhelmed, lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety. You are my protector, my strong defence against my enemies. Let me live in your sanctuary all my life; let me find safety under your wings. (Psalm 61:2-4).

“I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11).

We Christians have no veil over our faces; we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the LORD. And as the Spirit of the LORD works within us, we become more and more like Him. (2Corinthians 3:18).

“Trust Me and don’t be afraid, even when things seem to be out of control.

“You tend to feel more secure when things are predictable and running to plan. But I want you to find your security in Me, not in your circumstances.

“Let Me lead you to the Rock that is higher than you and your plans.

“When trouble comes, take refuge in the shelter of My wings.

“When you are shaken out of your comfort zone, take hold of My hand and look for growth opportunities.

“Don’t complain about the loss of your comfort. Accept the challenge of the new situation.

“My plans for you are good: I’m making you more like Me. Trust Me and don’t be afraid.”



Lent Reflections 1 – Ash Wednesday 2022


“You were made from soil and to the soil you will return.” (Genesis 3:19).

Then GOD said, “Now we will make human beings, they will be like us and resemble us.” So GOD created human beings, making them to be like Himself. (Genesis 1:26-27).

O LORD, You are our Father. We are the clay and You are the Potter. We are all formed by Your hand. (Isaiah 64:8)

“Worthy, O Master! Yes, our GOD! You created it all. It was created because You wanted it.” (Revelation 4:11).

GOD looked at everything He had made, and it was excellent in every way. (Genesis 1:31).

“Does Ash Wednesday remind you of your vulnerability: that you are dust and ashes and that nothing is permanent on planet earth?

“But the glorious truth is that you are made to reflect My nature. You are designed for eternity – to share life with Me. You have infinite value in My sight.

“Earth is not your permanent home. This is just a temporary residence: it’s a preparation for your real home with Me.

“I designed and made you just the way you are, and I delight in you. Will you let Me continue to mould you and shape your character?

“When you are aware of your inadequacy remember that I am always ready to help. Let your weakness be your way into My Presence.”



Lent Reflections 12 – Thursday March 4th 2021



The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. (Psalm 28:7).


Don’t be worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. God will take care of your tomorrow. Live one day at a time. (Matthew 6:34).


When I am afraid, O LORD Almighty, I put my trust in you. I trust in God and I am not afraid; I praise him for what he has promised. What can a mere human being do to me?

(Psalm 56:3-4).


Remember, I will be with you and protect you wherever you go - - I will not leave you until I have done all that I have promised you. (Genesis 28:15).




“I know what you need each day, even before you get out of bed.”


“I will provide the strength you need to cope with everything, and the shield you need to protect you from attacks.”


“Don’t worry about what might lie ahead of you on the road: concentrate on staying in touch with Me. My Power flows from Me to you along our open line of communication.”


“Whenever you feel afraid, or start to panic, remember what I have promised: I will be with you and will protect you wherever you go.”


“Don’t waste your energy on worrying! Try singing some joyful songs of praise.”

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