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It is now some 9 years since a pioneering new community project was launched in Aldeburgh. (July 2012).

Aldeburgh Baptist church were keen to get more involved in meeting the needs of the community, in particular, but not solely,  the needs of  the elderly.

They had heard of an initiative called “parish nurses”, upon investigation they saw the benefit it delivered to the communities where they existed and so decided to set one up in Aldeburgh, that was back in August 2011

Parish nurses are registered nurses, often with community experience, who work through the church offering spiritual as well as physical and mental health care.  They serve the church as well as the local community , serving people of all faiths or no faith at all.

Another part of a parish nurses role is to facilitate new groups in the community as the need arises.  This can be anything from a support group to a social club for the elderly for example.

They are not to replace health or welfare services already in place, but instead work in a complementary way with all health care professionals and ministers of religion.

Aldeburgh’s parish nurse is Alison Cherry (Ali), she is a qualified nurse with over 20yrs of experience. Ali has a wide and varied experience including, medical and surgical nursing and more recently community nursing. Although she has worked in Aldeburgh recently, Ali actually comes from Woodbridge and is a regular member of Hope Church in Ipswich and attends Aldeburgh Baptist church also whenever possible.

Since commencing her post, Alison’s work has mainly involved visiting elderly or infirm residents of Aldeburgh, some of whom rarely get out or  have no relatives living locally. She has also spent time working alongside and building relationships with other local agencies and churches.

She is not only able to offer time and a listening ear, but can liaise with other health care professionals and refer on to other agencies where appropriate.

Alison says she loves her new role and the flexibility that it provides, “if someone just needs to talk and off load, or wants me to accompany them to a difficult appointment I have the time to be able to do that”. She is also able to offer support to carers looking after someone with a terminal diagnosis or an ongoing debilitating condition.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Parish nursing you can visit or if you wish to talk to Ali she can be contacted on a Tuesday or Friday on 07870946475

Alternatively she can often be found on a Friday morning between 10:30-1100 at Aldeburgh Baptist church in the High street.

Ali also now has a volunteer assistant in Gill Moore who is providing great support for Ali and for those they visit. Both would welcome your prayers.


Having run this event for the past few years - we will unfortunately be unable to repeat it this year due to Covid-19.
Lets pray that the covid pandemic will be all over soon and we can run Holiday@Home again in 2021. 


As in previous years this should be a popular event so watch this space for updates.

The dates for this year's venture are Monday to Wednesday - 12th - 14th August 
Plans are almost complete for this year's event
It has been a great success in previous years and enjoyed by all involved.
We look forward to another exciting event this year - for further information see contact Ali (above) or Elizabeth.

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