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Notices – Sunday 9th and 16th February, 2020






Welcome to our Morning Service which will be followed by refreshments

Parents with very small children are welcome to relax in the back room and listen to the service on the speaker there.

A special welcome to all visitors. Please join us for refreshments afterwards.

Today 10.30am Morning Service led by Mike Caplin followed by refreshments. No Evening Service

Monday 10.30-12.30 Monday Club at the Fairfield Centre (for carers and their patients)

Tuesday 10-11.30am Rainbow Tots at the Community Centre.

10.15am Fairfield Prayers

2.00pm Art Club

7.00pm Start of Alpha Course in the back room (see below).

Thursday 12.30pm Lunch Club.

Friday 10.30 – 12.00 'Friendship Friday' at the Library.

Sunday 16th February 9.30am 'The Way' Breakfast at the Fairfield Centre. Invitations available – come along and bring friends. Breakfast from 9.30, 'Good News' stuff from 10.00am. 6.00pm United Service at the Fairfield Centre (led by RC)

Monday 2.00pm WDP committtee meeting at Annie's. 6.30pm Group Practice

Tuesday 10-11.30am NO Rainbow Tots at the Community Centre. (Half Term)

12.00 Women's Prayer Group.

2.00pm Art Club

7.00pm Alpha Course

Thursday 12.30pm Lunch Club

Friday 10.30 – 12.00 'Friendship Friday' at the Library.

Sunday 23rd Feb 10.30am Morning Service including Communion led by Terry. (No Evening Service)

Parish Nurse Ali will be here on Tuesday and Friday this week, but she will not be here next week (Half Term). You can still contact her on 07870 946475. She will also be at the Fairfield Monday for the 'Monday Club'. Please pray for this venture which is a real encouragement for the most vulnerable people in our community. Please pray for Ali and Gill as they serve the community.

Food Bank A huge “thank you” to all who make contributions to the food bank. The organisers report that they are in urgent need of: shampoo – shower gel – loo rolls – nappies – washing up liquid – household cleaning products. You can place these items in our box along with the food containers.

Alpha Course Starts at ABC this Tuesday at 7.00pm. (Note start time). Please take invitations and invite friends to come along and find out the meaning of life. There will be soup and rolls, an informative video and relaxed informal discussion.

Postage Stamps BMS can make use of these for their overseas projects. Container for collecting them in the back room.

Just Arrived The latest magazine 'Tear Times' and 'World in Action' from the Bible Society – copies in Clare's Corner.

Quote of the week Imagine millions of traces of grace left by God's people doing life with Him every day in the world” (Ken Benjamin, President of Baptists Together).

Prayer: Here are some of the things our fellowship will be praying about this week.

EBA: 57 West, located in Southend Essex, is a Church that has emerged amongst the rough-sleeper, homeless and vulnerably-housed community. Recently, they celebrated their sixth birthday! The fellowship is seeking to be whole-life oriented, where God’s invitation is received to live ‘life in fullness’.

Adopt-a-Road: We are praying for the residents of the Park Road this week and Saxmundham Road next.





Dates for this Quarter (November 2019 - January 2020)

Nov 4th (Mon) 7.30 Church Prayer Meeting

Nov 5th (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Nov 6th (Wed) 7.30 Bible Course

Nov 10th (Sun) 10.45 United Remembrance Service – CofE

Nov 13th (Wed) 7.30 Bible Course

Nov 17th (Sun) 9.30 Good News Breakfast (Fairfield)

Nov 19th (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Nov 20th (Wed) 7.30 Bible Course

Nov 24th (Sun) 10.30 Communion Service

Nov 28th (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

Dec 1st (Sun) 10.30 Advent 1 Sunday Service

Dec 3rd (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Dec 7th (Sat) Aldeburgh Celebration of Christmas

Dec 8th (Sun) 10.30 Advent 2

Commemoration of Lifeboat Disaster

Dec 9th (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Interim Meeting

Dec 15th (Sun) 10.30 The Way Carol Service (Fairfield)

6.00 United Carol Service (Fairfield)

Dec16th (Mon) 2.00 Carol singing at the Day Centre

3.30 Carol singing at Garrett House

Dec 17th (Tues) 10.00 Christmas Story at Rainbow Tots.

(Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Dec 19th (Thurs) 12.30 Lunch Club Christmas Lunch

Dec 20th (Fri) 2.30 Carol singing at Aldringham Court

7.30 Carol singing round the town

Dec 22nd (Sun) 6.00 Carols by Candlelight

Dec 25th (Wed) 10.30 Christmas Day Service

12.30 Christmas Lunch

Dec 29th (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

Jan 5th (Sun) 10.30 New Year Service

Jan 9th (Thurs) 12.30 Lunch Club restarts

Jan 14th (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Jan 19th (Sun) 19.30 Good News Breakfast

6.00 United Service (Fairfield)

Jan 20th (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

Jan 23rd (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

Jan 26th (Sun) 10.30 Communion Service & New Year Lunch

Jan 27th (Mon) 7.00 Church Meeting

Jan 28th (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers



Dates for this Quarter (July – October 2019)

July 16 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

July 19 (Thurs) 12.30 Last Lunch Club before the Summer break

7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

July 21 (Sun) 4.00 Service at Thorpeness Meare

July 28 (Sun) 10.30 Start of summer schedule

July 28 (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

July 29 – August 24 Alison & Theronda – Jewellery & Art

Aug 4 (Sun) 10.30 Paul & Jane Smith

Aug 11 (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

Aug 12-14 (Mon-Wed) 10–3.30 Holiday at Home

Aug 18 (Sun) 10.30 David Willson

6.00 Carnival Service

Aug 25 (Sun) 10.30 Mary Sagar

3.00 Lifeboat Service

Aug 27 – Sept 8 Painting of Back Room post-flood

Sept 1 (Sun) 10.30 Carol Richardson

Sept 8 (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

Sept 10 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Sept 12 (Thurs) 12.30 Lunch Club restarts

Sept 14 (Sat) Suffolk Historic Churches Cycle Ride

Sept 16 (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

Sept 17 (Tues) 1.30 Women’s Prayer

Sept 15 (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield)

Sept 24 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Sept 26 (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

Sept 29 (Sun) 10.30 Harvest Festival + BBQ

Oct 1 (Tues) 1.30 Women’s Prayer

Oct 7 (Mon) 7.30 Prayer Meeting

Oct 8 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Oct 13 (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

Oct 15 (Tues) 1.30 Women’s Prayer

Oct 20 (Sun) 9.30 ‘The Way’ in Fairfield

Oct 21 (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

Oct 22 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

Oct 24 (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

Oct 28 (Mon) 7.00 Church Meeting

Oct 29 (Tues) 1.30 Women’s Prayer

Nov 5 (Tues) 10.15 Fairfield Prayers

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