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Notices – Sunday 15th April, 2018


Welcome to our Morning Service which will include Communion

Parents with very small children are welcome to relax in the back room and listen to the service on the speaker there. Older children will be involved in the first part of the service, then there will be activities for them in the Top Room.

A special welcome to visitors. All those who know Jesus as Lord are warmly invited to join in the Communion with us.


Today 10.30am Morning Service led by Terry including Communion.

6.00pm United Service at the Fairfield Centre.

Monday 6.30pm Group Practice.

Tuesday 10.00am Rainbow Tots – at the Community Centre.

12.00pm Holiday@Home Planning Meeting

1.30pm Women's Prayer Group

2.00pm Art Club

7.00pm Bible Study at Jason and Anja's

Wednesday 7.30pm “Amazing Grace” course.

Thursday 12.30pm Lunch Club

Sunday 22nd April 10.30am Morning Service led by Terry followed by refreshments.

No Evening Service


Coming Soon Monday 23rdApril Deacons' meeting

Thursday 26th April Filling Station

Monday 30thApril Church meeting.


Amazing Grace The Amazing Grace course continues this week. Please pray that those attending will be challenged

in their walk with Jesus.

Parish Nurse Ali works here on Tuesday and Friday. You can contact her by mobile phone on 07870 946475, or by leaving a note on her desk. Please pray for Ali & Gill and the people they visit.

Holiday @ Home It is hoped that we will be able to run a Holiday @ Home again this year. The initial Planning Meeting is on Tuesday this week at 12 mid day in the back room. Please come along if you would like to get involved in any way, and please pray as we discuss possibilities.

Just Arrived The latest edition of Baptists Together. This month's magazine has a focus on Creation and our responsibility for it. This is an important issue. Please collect a copy from Clare's Corner.

There is also a newspaper from MSF (Doctors without Borders) dealing with the Rohingya Crisis: 600,000 refugees living in squalid conditions.

Quote of the Week I am challenged by my God-given mandate to steward the Earth and care for it more seriously. This isn't just an environmental issue, it is a discipleship issue.” (Lynn Green, General Secretary of the B.U.)

Prayer: Here are some of the things our fellowship will be praying about this week.

EBA: Hawkwell Baptist Church is a busy family church in Rochford, Essex. As well as its regular midweek activities, it also runs ‘Faith, Hope & Charity’; a shop in town which also provides hot drinks and a safe place for visitors to encounter community. The church is pastored by Revd Richard Iles, who leads a team which includes a community worker and office manager.


Adopt-a-Road: We are praying for the residents of Fairfield Road this week.

Personal: Ivy in Aldringham Court

Jenny Mullan still finding it difficult to settle in her new home in Ipswich.

Sheila Everett who has still not fully recovered.

Dave who has a hospital appointment on Tuesday.

Graham Baird who has had a fall in the High Street and broken his kneecap.

Thank God that Den and Jason are almost back to full strength.







ABC Dates for this Quarter (January to April 2018)




11th February (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

14th February (Wed) 7.30 Start of Lent Course/Alpha Plus Course

15th February (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station

18th February (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield – Bapt)

25th February (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service

26th February (Mon) 7.30 Deacons’ Meeting

2nd March (Fri) 11.00 WWDP Service (Fairfield)

4th March (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service

11th March (Sun) 10.30 Mothers’ Day Service

18th March (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield – CofE)

19th March (Mon) 7.00 Haydn’s “Seven last Words” RC Church

22nd March (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

24th March (Sat) 10.30 Church Spring Clean Day

25th March (Sun) 10.30 Palm Sunday (Start of BST)

29th March (Thurs) 7.00 Passover Meal

30th March (Fri) 9.45 Walk of Witness + Meditation Service

1st April (Sun) 10.30 Easter Day Service

8th April (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

15th April (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield – RC)

23rd April (Mon) 7.30 Deacons’ Meeting

26th April (Thurs) .7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

30th April (Mon) 7.30 Church Meeting






ABC Diary Dates November 2017 to January 2018


14th November (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

15th November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

19th November (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service + Communion

21st November (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

22nd November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

23rd November (Thu) 7.00 “Filling Station” - Riverside

26th November (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service – Simon Goddard + Fellowship Lunch

28th November (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

29th November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

3rd December (Sun) 10.30 Advent Sunday Service

4th December (Mon) 7.30 Combined Prayer Meeting

5th December (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

6th December (Wed) 6.45 Last Alpha

10th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service – Advent 2

6.00 United Carol Service (Fairfield - CofE)

12th December (Tue) 2.30 Carol Singing at Aldringham Court

13th December (Wed) 6.00 An Evening with Tom Elliott - Seckford Theatre

14th December (Thurs) 7.30 Carol Singing round the Town

17th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service – Advent 3

3.00 Christmas Story + Carols

18th December (Mon) 3.00 Carol singing at Garrett House

19th December (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

10.00 Rainbow Tots Christmas Party

24th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service – Advent 4

25th December (Mon) 10.30 Christmas Day Service + Christmas Day Lunch

31st December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service

2ndJanuary (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

7th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service for New Year

9th January (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

14th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service – Mike Caplin

17th January (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

21st January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield)

22nd January (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting


23rd January (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

25th January (Thu) 7.00 “Filling Station” - Riverside

28th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service & New Year Fellowship Lunch

29th January (Mon) 7.00 Next Church meeting




Dates for past Quarters

(April - July 2017)




Apr 25th (Tues) 12.00 H@H Planning Meeting

Apr 27th (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

May 14th (Sun) 10.30 Mike Caplin

May 18th (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

May 21st (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield - RC)

May 22nd (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

June 10th – 17th Alison & Theronda – Jewellery & Art

June 11th (Sun) 10.30 Exchange Sunday

June 18th (Sun) 10.30 Fathers’ Day

6.00 United Service (Fairfield - ABC)

June 19th – 26th Art Club Exhibition

June 22nd (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

June 24th (Sat) 7.00 Quiz Night at the Fairfield

June 25th (Sun) 10.30 Service with Communion

July 2nd (Sun) 1.00 Church Picnic

July 3rd (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

July 9th (Sun 6.00 United Service – Sea Sunday at CofE

July 16th (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service with Communion

July 19th (Wed) 7.00 Church meeting (AGM)

July 20th (Thurs) 7.00 Filling Station – Stratford St. Andrew

July 23rd (Sun) 10.30 Start of Summer Schedule

July 31st – Aug 12th (?) Alison & Theronda – Jewellery & Art

August 7th – 9th Holiday at Home



ABC Diary Dates November 2016 to January 2017


8th November (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

9th November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

13th November (Sun) 10.45 United Remembrance Service – CofE

15th November (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

16th November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

20th November (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service + Communion

22nd November (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

23rd November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

24th November (Thu) 7.00 “Filling Station” - Riverside

27th November (Sun) 10.30 Advent Sunday Service

28th November (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

29th November (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

30th November (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

4th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service

5th December (Mon) 7.30 Combined Prayer Meeting

6th December (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

7th December (Wed) 6.45 Alpha

11th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service 6.00 United Carol Service (Fairfield)

13th December (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

16th December (Fri) ? 5.30 Carols by Candlelight

18th December (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service with Communion

19th December (Mon) 3.30 Carol singing at Garrett House

20th December (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

25th December (Sun) 10.30 Christmas Day Service

1st January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service for the New Year

3rd January (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

8th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service - Mike Caplin

10th January (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

15th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service + Communion

6.00 United Service (Fairfield)

17th January (Tue) 10.30 Fairfield Prayers

23rd January (Mon) 7.00 Deacons’ Meeting

24th January (Tue) 1.30 Women’s Prayer Meeting

26th January (Thu) 7.00 “Filling Station” - Riverside

29th January (Sun) 10.30 Morning Service & N Year Fellowship Lunch

30th January (Mon) 7.00 Next Church meeting (tbc)

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